科学证明的卓越表现。30多年来,Axiom一直是建立声音背后科学的研究领导者,因此您可以获得绝对的最佳表现。many aspects replicates the acoustical laboratory at the NRC (National Research Council) in Ottawa, Canada where Axiom’s founder Ian Colquhoun spent many years. Following the original research conducted in the laboratory, all Axiom product designs are tested using the most rigorous real world double-blind listening tests which establish the connection between technical measurements and real listeners’ impressions of the products.

Axiom’s world class research facilities are equipped with the state of the art psychoacoustical testing equipment, including a power test room, an environment test chamber, a fully equipped electronics laboratory, and of course a full sized certified anechoic chamber—literally, a room with no echoes (pictured above). But it’s no ordinary room—lining all six walls of the chamber are large fiberglass wedges that absorb all reflections from the loudspeaker. These wedges are mounted to layered walls and the entire chamber sits on hundreds of springs. Pictured inside the chamber is anAxiom M22书架扬声器,在一个可以旋转到任何一侧的基座上支撑,麦克风也可以上下移动。所有这些运动都可以从控制室自动控制。这是M22的初始设计和频率响应(已收到来自各种批评家和审稿人的发光评论),由其设计师Axiom创始人Ian Colquhoun进行了完善,测量和微调。



当我们在普通房间里听到扬声器时,到达我们耳朵的声音是由多种直接和反射的声音组成的。听起来以每毫秒约1英尺的速度行驶,因此,当扬声器繁殖音乐时,高音扬声器和低音扬声器的某些声音直接向我们的耳朵传播,但是也反映了很大一部分的声音,从侧壁,地板,天花板和物体中反映在房间。这些反映的声音在直接的声音之后到达我们的耳朵一秒钟(毫秒毫秒),并且在每个房间都会有所不同,因为尺寸和距离和距离以及不同的家具。因此,将演讲者放在没有回声的会议厅里的目标是确切地找出当说话者不受这种反射影响时,扬声器会散发多少能量。(如果您将扬声器放在一个安静的乡村领域的高杆上,并以这种方式测量扬声器,则可以达到相同的结果这样的塔at its facility which is used for subwoofer measuring to achieve an anechoic or 4 pi environment down to 12 Hz.) When measuring a speaker’s output in an anechoic chamber the designer is able to verify with precise accuracy the output not only directly in front of the speaker but also at increasing angles to each side and above and below. This is what we call the “family of curves” and it is this entire family of curves that the designer must consider and manipulate to deliver to the listener accurate reproduction in a normal room.


双盲聆听测试当我们今天进行的情况下,最初是在NRC上完善的。该计划由加拿大物理学家和心理声学家弗洛伊德·托尔(Floyd Toole)博士指导,他在英格兰在立体声定位获得了博士学位,并从1970年代开始在国家研究委员会进行实验。在寻找可以进行实验的准确的演讲者时,他发现了在说话者的设计和测量方面的狂野不一致,并且没有受控的科学研究。由于他已经是发烧友,Toole邀请了包括Axiom的Ian Colquhoun在内的几位加拿大年轻的演讲者设计师,与他合作,不断发展新的扬声器测量和听力测试。

Toole收集了这些测试的结果,这些测试的频率响应测量结果和听众的听力测试正常,并撰写了在音频工程协会(AES)期刊上发表的科学论文。The papers, "Listening Tests: Turning Opinion into Fact" and "Loudspeaker Measurements and Their Relationship to Listener Preferences," were unprecedented and Toole was later elected President of the Audio Engineering Society worldwide.Toole对扬声器测量和听力测试的研究结果令人震惊,并引起了很多关注。NRC计划还愿意参加加拿大Hi-Fi杂志,编辑和审稿人,以。。。开始加拿大的审美然后,加拿大声音与视觉目前音阶。我们自己的艾伦·洛夫特(Alan Lofft)是他早期的编辑声音与视觉(加拿大)杂志,并与弗洛伊德·托尔(Floyd Toole),伊恩·G·马斯特斯(Ian G. Masters)和其他许多人一起成为核心聆听小组的骄傲成员。

黛比·斯文顿(Debbie Swinton)监视不同的扬声器测量位置。

当然,Sonic的福利不仅归功于Axiom的演讲者,还归功于其他加拿大著名的演讲者建筑商。这findings of Toole’s program were in one sense startling and at the same time remarkably useful: When the brand name, size, type and price of speakers were concealed from listeners, persons with normal hearing agreed on which speakers sounded pleasing and accurate—"musical" if you will—and which ones were inaccurate and downright unpleasant. In the course of these tests, the notion of "golden-eared" listeners was largely dismissed.只要听众接受了几个小时的培训(“ Fat”强调了低音,刺激性的高音,闷闷不乐的中端,狭窄的“ Boxy”颜色等),他们就排名好演讲者“好话”和“好扬声器”和“好扬声器”坏的”。更引人入胜的是:如果演讲者的曲线家庭遵循某些标准,尤其是在中端,演讲者将在盲目的听力测试中得分很高。尽管这是NRC和Axiom和其他公司的个人设计师数十年研究的过分简化,但事实证明,它具有非凡的预测性。尽管没有两个扬声器根据NRC的咒语而设计,但听起来完全相似,但是在所谓的“加拿大声音”中仍然存在着非凡的一致性,这是开放性,透明度,“线性”(平滑度)和忠诚的一种。


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